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thursday, 19 april 2018
theft Built theft using clang, by setting CC = /usr/bin/clang in the Makefile, gmake, gmake test and gmake install worked. Teaching Computing Reflective Grid: Week 1 Successes Problems Eureka Moments Questions Wifi Replaced an athn0 with an iwn0 in my IdeaPad S3 and was getting iwn0: SIOCSIFFLAGS: No such file or directory and noticed /bsd: iwn0: could not read firmware iwn-6000 (error 2) error messages so a quick fw_update and all was good. testing c cpd wifi iwn

monday, 16 april 2018
Teaching Computing Cse Furture Learn cpd

saturday, 24 march 2018
Returning to Teaching Course Face to Face day - end of course. Moray House School of Education cpd

saturday, 20 january 2018
Returning to Teaching Course Moray House School of Education Charteris Land Room 5.02 St Johns Street Edinburgh EH8 8AQ rtt cpd

wednesday, 10 january 2018
... ? A side note: Raspberry Pi Laptops teaching ...

friday, 5 january 2018
Returning to Teaching Course University of Edinburgh. cpd

monday, 31 october 2016 upvoted stories on Teaching Computing Future Learn course starts today . cpd

wednesday, 5 october 2016
... 00 TGfU Is a coaching appraoch of teaching games by playing games. Teaching ...

saturday, 9 april 2016
... replacement for scratch - useful for teaching scratch as a texted based coding language ...

thursday, 5 november 2015
... Method Socratic Method : is a teaching approach that just use questioning ...

friday, 11 september 2015
... Point Numbers Definition needed when teaching programming… network ...

thursday, 21 may 2015
Computer Repair crystal repairs Lessons in Teaching Computing in Primary School humour book

monday, 1 december 2014
... Phone 0131 314 6000: ask about teaching in Scotland. CAS North East ...

wednesday, 25 june 2014
... Pi Came across this as result of teaching with Minecraft from a link on ...

tuesday, 22 may 2012
... learn python in preparation for teaching Computing Science. Debian Man Pages ...

monday, 9 april 2012
... the Guardian: A manifesto for teaching computer science in the 21st century ...

saturday, 31 march 2012
General Teaching Council for England(GTCE) Abolished An act of folly by Michael Gove - you don't need professional teachers - any fool can do it, thus the GTCE is abolished.

wednesday, 23 june 2010
... :// Zend Framework Developing ...

wednesday, 3 march 2010
Teaching Computing Shaw House, Church Road, Newbury, BERKSHIRE RG14 2DR . Time: 16:30 to 19:00 Organised with Computing at School Computer games development: Games development with scratch ict cs education

friday, 15 may 2009
Pupil Observation P2 YR obs NS Lesson Observation P3 IT5 7/It13 P5 IT7 7/It2 Richard is having a look at Secondary Teaching. Lesson Observation

thursday, 12 march 2009
New Teaching Staff Event Library 15:30 to 17:00

wednesday, 3 october 2007
... Clarity Calmness Consistency teaching ...

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